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Treatment Chlorophyll oxygen
Chlorophyll oxygen detox week

A detox week based on oxygen and chlorophyll:

22 treatments 5 days

12 hydrotherapy treatments with thermal water to eliminate stress, stimulate the body and remove toxins:
– 3 anti-oxidant and oxygenating hydromassage baths with chlorophyll balm and forest extracts.
– 2 tonic hydromassage baths or calming aerobaths.
– 2 stimulating and draining body massages with toning jets.
– 2 relaxing showers.
– 1 Kneipp micro-circulation session, legs special.
– 2 purifying facial sprays with thermal water for a delicate face peel.

7 spa treatments to soothe and recharge your body.
– 1 thermal water steam bath ritual followed by a dry micro circulation massage with a Kessa
– 1 melting body wrap with chlorophyll carried out during the relaxation phase of a discovery
session for foot reflexology.
– 1 relaxing and draining “double idyll” signature massage for the face and body with forest
floor massage oil (60 min).
– 1 head, neck and shoulders sensory massage followed by a melting chlorophyll body wrap
(60 min).
– 1 “Head in the stars” massage from the scalp to the tips of the toes (90 min).

3 activities to increase your oxygen levels and enjoy the benefits of nature.
– 1 “oxygen” walk in the Andaines forest; Nordic walking for optimum oxygen intake using sticks.
– 1 breathing workshop – outdoor relaxation (in the forest, time-permitting).
– 1 phytotherapy consultation, depending on the season.
+ 1/2 day cycling in the forest (free if you are staying in the delightful B’o Cottage
Residence ).
1 detox smoothie per day:
As well as the tea of the day, a different smoothie each day based on fruit, vegetables
and additional ingredients depending on the season, for a gourmet and effective treatment
to complete your internal detox.

Finish your detox week with a stay at the B’o Cottage Residence
The residence sits at the heart of a 20-hectare forest park, providing a relaxing setting and
restorative sleep in comfortable studios and suites, with free access to the leisure pools and
Turkish bath, bicycles available and a restaurant where you can enjoy a buffet meal, selecting
fresh and healthy products of your choice.