Benefits of the apple

B'O thermal spa uses apples picked from the surrounding orchards, and extracts the active ingredients which are the most beneficial for your skin.

The Normandy cider apple really does deserve its nickname of "beautiful skin fruit", as it has cosmetic properties.
Its skin, flesh and seeds, and the "shells" of those seeds, are all rich in polyphenols. These main active ingredients have antioxidant, remineralising, hydrating and "replumping" properties which accelerate the tissue regeneration of the skin. Their detoxifying properties also help to prevent cellulite. 
To provide you with all the benefits of this round and rich fruit, in collaboration with a natural cosmetics expert, B'O thermal spa has developed a whole range of luxury massage and treatment products from the natural extracts of cider apples.


pomme gomage


Marie-Ménard, Belle fille de la Manche, Bedan, Binet rouge... all the Normandy apple varieties are combined to improve your beauty and well-being... and all with the greatest respect for the environment, since our products are 100 % natural.
The B'O natural cosmetics range is available in a wide variety of products: nourishing scrubs, balms, relaxing massage oils, silky masks, cleansing oil, detoxifying body creams, nectar royal rich night creams, slimming and firming serums, luxurious rejuvenating creams and more... They are used in most of the treatments and packages offered at the B'O thermal spa. You can also use them at home, as they are available to buy from our boutique.