Your well-being is in good hands!

The B'O thermal spa staff are experts in personalised treatments, and will provide you with their full attention and expertise in hydrotherapy.

Explore the full range of treatments that we offer. Each has its own benefits; for relaxation, beauty or fitness – and always for your well-being.

Activities :
Nordic walking in the Andaines forest to explore Normandy, relaxation workshops, gentle gym sessions, and aqua aerobics in thermal water. 

Wraps and scrubs :
Soothing hot clay wraps, scrub and wrap with the shells and kernels of Norman cider apple pips, slimming wrap with concentrate of apples, or even a milky exfoliating facial massage with Soin d'Eau.

Beauty treatments :
Hands, feet and face with Soin d'Eau, Cellu M6 anti-cellulite drainage, B'O ritual customised hydrating facial treatment with apples, etc.

Extra :
Ceremonial thermal steam bath from the Pays d'Andaine with a bowl of apple exfoliating scrub containing cider apple kernels and shells.

Hydrotherapy :
Hydromassage bath, facial spray, gourmet milk bath with the aroma of Norman apple pips, Kneipp circulation spray, draining slimming sublimation treatment, etc.


Sensory massage with hydrating and anti-ageing extracts of Norman cider apples
Back special, hands and arms special, feet and legs special, head, neck & shoulders special, stomach special. The length and technique of the massage are adjusted to suit the number of areas chosen.

  • Apple facial massage
  • Exquisitely relaxing massage
    Let the effects of stress melt away and recover with a deep and refreshing sleep.
  • Revitalising Bagnoles massage
    A well-being massage inspired by the legend of the horse Rapide, this exclusive revitalising and sculpting massage will boost the energy within your cells!
  • Sensory massage with hydrating and anti-ageing extracts of Norman cider
    Back special, hands and arms special, feet and legs special, head, neck and shoulders special, stomach special. The length of the massage is adjusted to suit the number of areas chosen.
  • Norman sports massage
    This well-being massage is ideal for sportspersons and highly active people, helping them to recover flexibility and relax the muscles.


  • 5-senses massage
    The massage system is a device with 5 unique and different applications which can be applied individually or combined together to provide a customised well-being experience. You lie comfortably on a flexible mattress, under which jets of hot water give you a multi-zone massage, relaxing your muscles while adapting to your needs and body type. Through its multi-sensory surroundings, the massage system opens you up to a new world of light, air, colours, aromas and sounds for optimal relaxation. (Purification of the ambient air through air ionisation, rejuvenation of the skin through collagen light therapy, aromatherapy, luminotherapy, music therapy).
  • Phlebotonic session
    This treatment is carried out lying in a bath with a lid that covers your pelvis and legs. Jets of mineral water are sprayed at the hips, legs or thighs only, depending on the programme chosen (anti-cellulite, slimming or light legs). This treatment encourages the detoxification process, softening tensions in the muscles and reshaping your figure.
  • "Light legs" draining micro massage
    A special opportunity to entrust your legs to experts who can make them light as a feather. Treatment administered with our light legs product from the Soin d'Eau range.
  • Foot reflexology
    This expert massage harmonises the main functions of the body and encourages the elimination of tensions and toxins.